Stories of Islanders persevering through adversity and making a living in America as well as serving in the U.S Armed Forces. Also this show would highlight some of the challenges presented by the government and the direction that our society has gone and the divide it has created. Most importantly it will shine light on the Allegiance that we pledge to this great nation and show our gratitude for all that it has and continue to provide.

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12. Sniper or Downward Dog?!

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

This was a banger of a show!! My brodders Aj and Pal drive up for an early workout , took em to get a Lumberjack from bean and biscuit and got açaí bowls from spoon and straws delivered for after the show. Aj shares the story of NESIAN built, the roots the intentions and where it headed. We got to cruising altitude quick on this one. Touched on MINDSET,LESSONS LEARNED, FATHERHOOD
and DOING HARD SHIT. The boys run a marathon this Sunday down in Tacoma , Please cast good energy and prayers to them as they embark on another milestone in their journey of doing hard shit showing our people that to be better is just incremental steps of ridding bad habits , challenge the thinking ,putting one foot in front of the other and consistently compounding those day in and day out. We never touched on it but they too are doing the Iron man in September down in the Tri Cities.
Nuff said!! Do good, try hard, be great stay hard! Enjoy the show….

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Coming at you with the 2nd episode of the "Greater for you' series. A little overview of the past episodes plus a lot of shit talking. I learned a lot, yet still a lot to gain. Thank you, guys, for riding on this journey with me.  Send feedback to:
Also checkout Nesian Built for some quality apparel @
and for Quality Firearms Training, Checkout

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

This was a fun episode with the Enlightened Neanderthals. Shared stories about personal grit along with sharing some Betelnut, Apigigi and Spring rolls. Always a riot hanging out with the fellas. Please enjoy the show. As always if you got feedback or ideas and topics, please email me at:

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Part 2 of the tales of Dave Potts. Long pee break, long flight but worthed.
Here at TNW we are big proponents of our second amendment rights, but we do not view this as just a place to learn to shoot. What we see time and time again both from our customers and our children when they learn a new skill is a noticeable bump in self confidence, and that’s what we’re here to build. More than anything we believe all men and women should be free, and that freedom is a heavy load that requires self reliance and courage. Our ultimate goal is to build the self reliance and self confidence of our customers and to build a community that is courageous enough to stand up for itself.

008. Old habits DIE HARD!

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

I sat down with Dave Potts on this (3) Three-hour journey he took me on, starting from a very young age developing bad eating habits that compounded into greater issues as he grew older. Very common in our people as most of us are at the poverty level.  Families have to pinch pennies and buy cheap foods loaded with thrash just to feed families. Of course we are not mad about it, and we can't blame anyone.  We are just mere products of our environment.  I think the main thing we can take from all of this is how we can help each other by sharing stories of triumph and overcoming such dark times one endures when encountering the same battles, that Dave has overcome. Crazy thing is, were talking about FOOD! Not many would even try and understand the effects it has on their body or even worse, they know but then ignore all the signs. Even worst, when they seek medication to help them prolong their bad habits! Until one day it's too late, then we start feeling sorry for each other because we are getting sick and having to do medical fundraisers to help for treatment or referrals. This shit needs to start taking a turn now. 
"Old habits die hard, and if you're not careful, the person you used to be can overtake the person you are trying to become." TO BE CONTINUED.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

On this Episode, I sit down with a good friend, brother, fellow jiu jitsu practitioner and overall salt of the earth guy, Zach McCauley. We shared some commonalities we had with our past and some of the things we endured throughout the path that led us here. Although they may not be the same vices or behaviors, the roads heading here to this life today has scarred our souls in such a way that even a glimmer of one's past would evoke memories of Pain and Trauma.  We all know that Pain is subjective to one's heart regardless the of the size. PAIN is PAIN. The state now, is "cleansing" Hence the title. 
We both know now the magnitude of where we are now and how we crossed paths. We as men were dealt the card of the long arduous path, we recognize that and are now walking through a different light while we sharpen each other to forge fucken greatness from within to see externally with clarity. Therefore, we can go back to hell and bring more people out!!  Said, with gratitude and humility.
Training Northwest

006. Why not US.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

On this episode I sit down with Vince Peredo as we discuss the topics that haunt us these days. Stemming from nutrition to working out also to mention how we could be better for each other and build better communities.  He gave us a little run down on 75 Hart, LOL!
Enjoy the show and please send questions, topics and feedback to:
Also, don't forget to checkout:

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

On Episode 005, I sit down with another good friend Professor Mike Kozak as we discuss several topics starting with jiu-jitsu then cruising along and touching base on my people and some of the ways we still operate along with some of our "Island Mentality."  As I sit down to talk, more and more I circle back around to the word MINDSET. It never seizes to amaze me how effective a limited mindset is and how it really hinders my people's growth, nonetheless I see greater for all of us and through these conversations I hope you find enlightenment and the power to smash through all of your obstacles. -Love you.
Go sign up for Firearms, First Aid, Navigation and Radio operations classes at:

004. Into the Storm

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

This episode, I sit down with a good friend, jiu-jitsu sistren Christy Campbell.
We took a dive into some of her background with nutrition, onto having kids and her motivations as to why she started coaching and leading a women's online coaching program. Lots of great nuggets from this episode. i hope to sit down and do more shows with her in the future. you can get connected with Christy online at:
Don't forget to checkout Training Northwest, checkout the schedule and sign-up for 
classes. Most especially do not forget to read up on the Rifleman Camp and stay tuned for a chance to win in this year's event, to be held in August.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Go Check out my buddy Tobin Foulke for firearms training. Schedule is out for 2024, They will be adding CPR/First Aid and HAM Radio Operations as well... 
On this episode, I sit with Pal Manalo as we talk about the experiences he has been through. From moving out here to America, interacting with the community and yes, we talked softball, briefly! Lol...   We also touched on his motivations to start working out and some of the accomplishments he has achieved since. Lastly, we dabbled in some emotional talks about different mindsets within our community.


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